2018 Quills: The Grant Hattam Quill for Investigative Journalism

Anthony Dowsley and Patrick Carlyon won the 2018 Grant Hattam Quill for Investigative Journalism for their work on the Lawyer X scandal.

Judges' citation

This story revealed a pattern of deeply unethical collusion that has shaken the foundations of Victoria's criminal justice system. Doggedly pursued over many years, and in the face of strong police opposition, it has led to a Royal Commission and potentially placed in jeopardy dozens of criminal convictions. The judges share the view of the Royal Commissioner that the conduct exposed by Anthony Dowsley and Patrick Carlyon threatens the very principles that underpin our democracy. Grant Hattam would be proud of their work.

Winning entry

'Lawyer X' full series, Herald Sun

'Lawyer X - Truth at Last', Herald Sun, 4 December 2018

Highly Commended

Rachael Brown of ABC for 'Trace: Episode 7 - Hope'.


Nick McKenzie & Chris Masters of The Age for 'Special Forces War Crimes Exposé'.

Judges' statement

In a rare decision the judges have decided to award two commendations in this category. In the judges' opinion the implications of McKenzie and Masters meticulous investigation exposing a cover up of abuse within our elite forces serving in Afghanistan are already profound and are still unfolding. Although the Quills have previously acknowledged the podcast Trace, we wish to commend Rachael Brown for her ongoing pursuit of justice for the family of Maria James, as a fine example of investigative journalism in this new medium.

Other finalists

Lisa Martin of Guardian Australia for her coverage of Peter Dutton's Au Pair Affair.


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