2019 Quills: Artwork

Graphic artist Sam Mularczyk won the 2019 Artwork Quill for 'Assisted Dying Law', broadcast on Network Ten's The Project.

Judges' citation

Mularczyk’s work was broadcast on the day voluntary assisted dying became available to terminally ill patients in Victoria. The judges agreed that this deceptively simple animation linked the stages of information in a seamless manner and rendered a dark and confronting issue digestible.

The winning entry

Sam's winning entry consisted of an animation which explained how the new voluntary assisted dying procedure works, who is involved in the decisionmaking process, and the circumstances in which it is allowed.

Highly Commended

Richard Giliberto of The Age for 'The Perfect Storm'

Other finalists

Mark Knight of Herald Sun for '2019 The Year That Was'

Jim Pavlidis of The Age for 'Tigertown'

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