2019 Quills: Breaking News Coverage

Mike Amor, Sharnelle Vella, and Nick McCallum of 7NEWS won the 2019 Breaking News Coverage Quill for their coverage of the George Pell guilty verdict.

Judges' citation

With the suppression order lifted, Channel Seven's coverage of the breaking story of George Pell’s guilty verdict was a standout in a highly contested field. The judges found on-the-spot reporting by the entire team of reporters captured all of the drama, broadcast all of the facts, and left no stone unturned. 

The winning entry

'George Pell Guilty', 7NEWS Melbourne, 2 February 2019

Please note: the above link/s may not comprise the entirety of an entry submitted for consideration.

Highly Commended

The Nine News Team for coverage of the arrest of Jonathan Dick

Other finalists

Emma O'Sullivan of Network Ten for 'Pell Suppression Lifted'

Brett McLeod, Nine News, for 'George Pell Conviction'

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