2019 Quills: Sports News

Leo Schlink and Mark buttler won the 2019 Sports News Quill for his reporting on the collapse of horse trainer Darren Weir's racing empire, published in the Herald Sun.

Judges' citation

Leo Schlink and Mark Buttler’s initial scoop and string of exclusive stories uncovered shocking details of animal cruelty and corruption in the racing industry, and brought about the collapse of Darren Weir’s racing empire. The pair led print and online coverage from the first dawn raids to police hidden camera footage which uncovered the use of electronic jiggers, revealing well-placed sources within law enforcement and the racing industry.

The winning entry

'Jig Is Up', Herald Sun, 31 January 2019

Other finalists

Thomas Browne, 7NEWS/Triple M, Stephenson Integrity Inquiry

Samantha Lane, The Age, Adam Goodes - My love for the game died inside me

Michael Warner, Herald Sun, Footy's Biggest Cover-up


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