2019 Quills: The Keith Dunstan Quill for Commentary

Waleed Aly of Network Ten & The Age won the 2019 Keith Dunstan Quill for Commentary

Judges' citation

Waleed Aly’s 2019 commentaries demonstrated exceptional skill across a variety of issues and media.

Aly’s television commentary - aired on the day of the Christchurch massacre - was arresting and moving, argued with a gentle but alarming force.

His piece on the sentencing of George Pell honed the role of the judge to its unemotional importance, a rare explanation of the justice system itself rather than the offence or offender. 

His column on the AFP media raids warned of the danger from craven bipartisan politicians and a weakened media landscape. 

As always, Aly’s work was intelligent, cogent and balanced, powerful examples of the impact of the personal in illustrating critical aspects of wider issues. 

The winning entry

'This is why we don't leave justice in the hands of victims', The Age, 14 March 2019

'Not my best words', Network Ten The Project, 15 March 2019

'If you aren't worried about the ABC raids, here's why you should be', The Age, 6 June 2019

Highly Commended

Warwick McFadyen, The Age, Father and Son

Other finalists

Greg Baum, The Age, It’s Not Cricket

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