2020 Gordon award winner Julian Linden

Julian Linden of The Daily Telegraph has been named the 2020 Harry Gordon Australian Sports Journalist of the Year for a portfolio of "bold and genuinely investigative" sports reporting.


Judges' citation

The judges selected Julian Linden’s folio from a field strong in quality and numbers.That Linden’s stories were well-written is a given in a category that attracts some of journalism’s most polished writers. But his work impressed with its other qualities: it broke new ground, it was bold and genuinely investigative. 

The panel praised Linden’s fearless investigation of the death of a teenage Olympic skater and his probing of dysfunctional Hockeyroos management. His Tokyo Olympics story displayed knowledge and insight about the games behind the Games. 

We believe Harry Gordon would approve his grit as well as his grace. 

The winning entry

Julian Linden, The Daily Telegraph, for a portfolio of work

"The alarm bell rings: Why the Tokyo Games must be put on hold", Daily Telegraph, 15 March 2020

"It's Games over for Australian athletes", Daily Telegraph, 23 March 2020

"The tragic toll of a medal dream", Daily Telegraph Sunday Extra, 22 August 2020

"Shanya swam against the fiercest tide", Daily Telegraph, 21 November 2020

"Hockeyroo starts legal battle over contract termination", Daily Telegraph, 9 December 2020

Other finalists

Greg Baum, The Age

Belinda Hawkins, ABC

Russell Jackson, ABC

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