2020 Quills: Radio Current Affairs

Matilda Marozzi, Virginia Trioli, Katrina Palmer and Julz Hay of ABC Radio Melbourne have won the 2020 Radio Current Affairs Quill.

Judges' citation

This compelling piece by ABC Radio Melbourne Mornings exposed the problem of police-perpetrated family violence, using the medium to provide a safe environment for a mother and her 13 year old son to tell a chilling story of how the system had failed them. It resulted in an IBAC investigation, saw an Assistance Commissioner moved from the Family Violence portfolio, prompted an apology from the Police Minister on the way the case was handled, and led to follow-up national TV and newspaper coverage of this important issue.

The winning entry

'A betrayal of trust': Victoria Police apologise after mishandling domestic violence case, ABC Radio Melbourne, 17 June 2020

Victoria Police, minister apologise to domestic violence victim after 'appalling' privacy breach, ABC Radio Melbourne, 17 June 2020

Victoria Police documents highlight internal struggles with officers accused of domestic violence, ABC Radio Melbourne, 23 October 2020

Other finalists

Rafael Epstein, Tess Armstrong, Erin Mathews, Jessica Lukjanow & Ross Richardson, ABC Radio Melbourne Drive, Chaos at St Basil's Aged Homes for the Aged

Neil Mitchell, 3AW, Learner Lunacy

Dan Oakes & Jeremy Story Carter, ABC Background Briefing, Inside the multi-million dollar 'dummy director' scam

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