2021 Quills: Podcasting

Genevieve Alison, Ashley Argoon, Andrea Thiis-Evensen, and Jon Burton of the Herald Sun have won the 2021 Podcasting Quill.

Judges' citation

'Class Act' demonstrated the increasing symbiotic relationship between print and podcast journalism. The story broke and evolved in print but was intentionally developed beyond that medium. The team identified that a podcast could extend the depth of the story through various voices and bring it all together - the reverse order storytelling, from court case back, was a clever way to do that. The podcast sourced first-hand accounts from former students who demonstrated a love and healthy respect for the teacher before the court - while unpacking the broader views of those who worked alongside him to gain a fulsome perspective on his character. In a quality field of diverse entries, the judges singled out Class Act for its extremely balanced journalism, depth of research and innovative approach to telling this story - the impact of which was both significant and long lasting.

The winning entry

Class Act, Herald Sun

Highly commended

Mahmood Fazal, ABC Radio National, 'The infiltrator who helped hatch a terror plot'

Other finalists

Bethany Atkinson-Quinton and Madison Griffiths, Broadwave, 'Tender: Roia Atmar'

John Silvester, Margaret  Gordon, Anu Hasbold, and Cormac Lally, The Age, 'Naked City'


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