2021 Quills: Sports News

Michael Warner of the Herald Sun has won the 2021 Sports News Quill.

Judges' citation

In a top-class field of entries, Michael Warner’s genuine scoop emerged the winner, through its clear, immediate and long-term impact. The devastating 'Do Better’ report was highly sought-after, since Collingwood had sat on it for months. The exclusive precipitated an implosion of the AFL's highest-profile club and the downfall of its president. It also forced the league to confront disturbing questions about systemic racism within the sport, from the grassroots to the highest levels of administration.

The winning entry

'Magpies racism shame,' Herald Sun, 1 February 2021

'Eddie quits', Herald Sun, 10 February 2021

Highly commended

Paul Sakkal and Scott Spits, The Age, 'Tennis Australia fights vaccine mandate to allow Djokovic entry'

Other finalists

Greg Baum, The Age, 'Shane Tuck'

Sam McClure and Peter Ryan, The Age, 'Walker racism probe'


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