29th Quills: Excellence in Science, Medical and Health Reporting, sponsored by University of Melbour

Sherryn Groch of The Age has won the Excellence in Science, Medical and Health Reporting Quill with “Journey into the deep sea”.

This award is sponsored by University of Melbourne.


Judges’ citation

Sherryn Groch takes a fascinating dive into the science of the deep and the potential threat to the world's oceans from mining in these fragile and hitherto barely explored depths. Sherryn brings us a great science explainer, with a hard news edge as she explores the challenges of developing a code around deep sea exploration and development. Her research is rigorous and compelling – she paints a vibrant picture of the richness of the deep sea and skilfully portrays the tensions between mining for metals to support renewables and protection of a fragile and extraordinary environment. Her accompanying podcast brings infectious excitement to her journey into the science and politics of the ocean depths.


Highly Commended

Amy Bainbridge and Angus Whitley, Bloomberg, “Black Summer's Toxic Legacy

Jackson Graham, The Age, “Autopsies, strokes and sleep apnoea explained

Izabella Staskowski, The Today Show, “Battling endometriosis”

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