29th Quills: Sports Feature

Jeremy Story Carter of ABC News has won the Sports Feature Quill with “Kick in hope”.


Judges’ citation

The quality of entries for the “sports feature” category was of the highest standard.

“Kick in Hope” set itself apart from the rest by giving the reader a unique insight into the remote community of King Island and the role local football plays in the complicated social and economic landscape.

The reporter immersed himself in the community which made the reader feel like they were there on game day. It was clear the reporter had gained the trust of the locals, to get an honest assessment of the challenges Island life presents.

It was a well written, well researched and entertaining piece, sports feature writing at its very best.


Highly Commended

Konrad Marshall, Good Weekend magazine, “Who cares?

Michael Gleeson, The Age, “Peter Bol the damage done.



Louise Milligan, Mary Fallon, Sarah Curnow and Carla Hildebrandt, Four Corners, “The Silence

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