29th Quills: TV Camera Work (Shot of the Year)

Tim Furness of Nine News has won TV Camera Work (Shot of the Year) with “Fitzroy garden murder”.


Judges’ citation

The TV Camerawork (Shot of the year) Award recognises individuals who demonstrate exceptional skills in capturing critical moments that contribute to the understanding and awareness of breaking news events. The judges agreed Tim Furness's submission, a video capturing an incident involving a stabbing and subsequent arrest, stood out among the entries for its compelling and impactful nature.

Using his instincts and experience Tim was able to cleverly get his shots, whilst maintaining a respectable distance away, allowing police to carry out their duties.

Tim's shots showcased his ability to capture the intensity and urgency of the situation while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

Tim’s pictures ran exclusively that night on 9 News and was lead story.



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