29th Quills: TV/Video Feature

Christine Ahern and Lisa Brown of 60 Minutes have won the TV/Video Feature Quill with “VBA exposed”.


Judges’ statement

"VBA exposed" shone a much needed light on the problems within Victoria's building industry, and the horrifying human toll.

Crucial to this, was gaining the trust of key insiders within the industry.

Through perserverance, Ahern was able to convince crucial players in the industry, including a building inspector, to speak publically to expose the entrenched problems within the sector.

Perhaps most compelling was the interview with the widow of an inspector. The unreasonable and shameful demands placed on him lead him to take his own life.

This element made for an impactful story.

The piece had lasting impact, with the Premier at the time agreeing there were problems within the VBA.

Not long after this story aired, the CEO of Vic Building Authority resigned.


Highly Commended

Louise Milligan, Mary Fallon and Jessica Longbottom, Four Corners, “Hiding Behind Tombstones



Lauren Day, 7.30, “Stunned: The hidden footage the pork industry doesn't want you to see

Sam Cucchiara and Paul Sakkal, A Current Affair & The Age, “Senator Six-Pack”

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