29th Quills: TV/Video News

Sharnelle Vella of 7NEWS has won the TV/Video News Quill with “Porter Davis Crisis”.


Judges’ citation

Sharnelle's story was a clear winner for its exclusivity and impact. A throwaway line in a Daniel Andrews press conference sparked an investigation that revealed hundreds of homebuyers had been left high and dry after collapsed builder Porter Davis failed to take out insurance on their projects. Sharnelle cultivated hundreds of contacts and alerted the Victorian government to their plight. As a rescue package was announced, she discovered a second group of victims, with uninsured ‘tender contracts,’ and her report prompted more funding, bringing the total commitment to $27 million dollars. Through journalistic heft and compassionate story-telling, Sharnelle's reporting changed the lives of hundreds of Victorians.


Highly Commended

Neary Ty, Nine News, “Youth Justice”

Cassie Zervos, 7NEWS, “School Boy Abduction



Neary Ty, Nine News, “Glenn Archer”

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