Donating the Gift of Life

Organ transplantation is "an extraordinary event", according to world renowned transplant surgeon Bob Jones, not only because of the biology, immunology and technology involved, but the incredible journey a patient undergoes thanks to the gift of another human being. 

Professor Jones was joined in DonateLife Week 2017 to discuss that journey by three people who are alive today because of liver transplants - Senator Derryn Hinch, business journalist Tom Skotnicki and photographer Andrew Chapman - and medical journalist and moderator Julia Medew

The eminent surgeon discussed the history, and likely future, of organ transplation, the miraculous transformations the procedures effect, particularly on young children, and the ethical questions around the prioritisation of recipients.

Along with the other panel members, Professor Jones encouraged people to register online to become a donor and help increase the currently very low rate of available organs. 

Organ donation, he said, "touches that sort of existential part of existence".

“The question isn’t: ‘Do you want to be an organ donor?’ It’s whether you want to be transplanted. If your child got sick tomorrow, would you want them transplanted?’ You’ve got to be in it to win it!” Jones said.

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