Masterclass: TikTok reporting with Matilda Boseley and Grace McKinnon

Two years after our last TikTok discussion, the platform is more successful than ever. In this MasterClass, we bring back by popular demand our two guests, Guardian Australia’s Matilda Boseley and the ABC’s Grace McKinnon, to discuss how reporters can best use TikTok in the changed environment of 2024.

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Matilda Boseley is an award-winning social media reporter and presenter for Guardian Australia. She has spearheaded the publication’s popular TikTok channel where she writes and hosts their short-form news explainers. Her work on the platform has won her a Quill Award for Innovation in Journalism and was nominated for a Walkley Award for the same category. Although quick to point out she is technically Gen-Z (by a matter of 30 days), Matilda recently co-hosted Guardian Australia’s new narrative podcast series “Who screwed millennials?”, digging through decades of political history to work out why Australian millennials will be the first generation worse off than their parents. She regularly reports on issues affecting young people, women and mental health and her first book, The Year I Met My Brain, documents her experiences and discoveries after being diagnosed with ADHD at 23 and investigates the hidden prevalence and costs of ADHD among adults.

Grace McKinnon is a multiplatform journalist and presenter working with the ABC News specialist vertical video team. Grace connects with new and emerging audiences nationally through daily news packages seen on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube Shorts. She received an international scholarship to travel to the US to study disinformation and worked with the ABC Washington bureau and reported from the UN General Assembly. She is a member of the ABC Next Gen Advisory Panel.  Previously she worked in print media as a breaking news, local and digital journalist.

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