Neil Chenoweth and Edmund Tadros named 2023 Graham Perkin Australian Journalists of the Year

Australian Financial Review journalists Neil Chenoweth and Edmund Tadros have been named the 2023 Graham Perkin Australian Journalists of the Year.

Hear the award announcement and the winners' speeches in the video below.


Judges' statement

In a story that dominated the news cycle last year, Edmund Tadros and Neil

Chenoweth exposed how senior figures at PwC leaked confidential Treasury

documents to drum up tax business for the firm. The revelations led to the break-up of the accounting giant, the departure of the CEO and the biggest crackdown on misconduct by tax advisors in Australian history. Tadros and Chenoweth displayed true courage and determination in pursuing various leads, including how governments had become far too reliant on the work of the big consulting firms. It is truly memorable and excellent journalism in the fine Graham Perkin tradition.


The winning entry



Stephanie March, ABC, for outstanding coverage of global affairs. 

Kate McClymont, The Sydney Morning Herald, for her extensive coverage of indecent assault claims against broadcaster Alan Jones.

Nick McKenzie, of The Age, for his consistent agenda-setting reporting.

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