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2024 events

The Edit: How to build your career in journalism

29 February 2024

Join Neary Ty from Nine, Lyndal Rowlands from Al Jazeera and Daniel McCulloch from the Australian Associated Press for a discussion on how to build your journalism career.

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2023 events

The Edit: How to get a job in journalism

25 October 2023

There’s no guaranteed way to score a gig in journalism, but certain skills and experiences make candidates stand out.

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The Edit | Podcasting: great journalism for the ears

05 September 2023

Hear from our three guests – Janak Rogers, Jo Lauder and Richard Baker – on what it takes to transform a podcast into a memorable piece of journalism.

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The Edit: Court reporting

11 July 2023

Our courts are filled with compelling stories of colourful characters, fights for justice and societal change - but the court reporting round also poses plenty of challenges if you’re not familiar with how the system works.

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The Edit: How to break a story

26 April 2023

What does it take to lead the news agenda? Where do you find the angle to push a running story in a new direction? What are the tools journalists need to get their first big break?

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2022 events

Reporting on state elections

07 November 2022

SYN Media is partnering with the Melbourne Press Club to bring ‘Reporting on state elections’ to young journalists ahead of the 2022 Victorian election.

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The Edit: How to get a job in journalism

12 October 2022

A panel of media professionals who hire staff answer your questions about getting a foot in the door.

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[SOLD OUT] The Edit: Reporting on TikTok

22 June 2022

TikTok has taken the online world by storm, with a claimed one billion users tuning into the social media platform for entertainment and information. So how can journalists break through the lip syncs and loops to tell the news and knock back misinformation?

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The Edit: Lessons from a professional freelancer

25 May 2022

Freelance journalism may seem a daunting career choice, but once you find your feet it can be a rewarding one.

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The Edit: How to interview media trained talent

06 April 2022

Matilda Marozzi speaks with the director of Melbourne University’s Centre for Advancing Journalism, Andrew Dodd, to get tips on how to get around media trained talent.

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The Edit: Responsible Reporting in the age of disinformation

08 February 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to an onslaught of misinformation and disinformation propagated by those with vested interests.

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2021 events

The Edit: How to pitch a story

17 November 2021

How should you approach an editor, what do you cover in your pitch, and what considerations should you make if working as a freelancer?

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The Edit: The importance of images

29 September 2021

Join us for our upcoming Edit webinar with Chris Gillett and Tia Kass on the importance of images in print, TV, and digital journalism, discussing the similarities and differences between illustrations and the power of an image in helping a story cut through.

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The Edit: Talking Ticker with Ahron Young

11 August 2021

Hear first-hand from Ahron Young, CEO and managing editor of streaming media outlet Ticker NEWS, about his life as a reporter and how he built a next-generation online media company.

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The Edit: How to report on sexual assault

23 June 2021

Learn how to report on sexual assault sensitively, ethically, and legally while protecting yourself from vicarious trauma.

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The Edit: Talking TV and correspondence with Alexis Daish

20 May 2021

Join us for our first in-person Edit event in over a year.

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2020 events

The Edit: How to land a job in journalism

26 November 2020

A special panel of editors talk about getting started in journalism

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The Edit: US Election Special

21 October 2020

Watch our Edit event featuring Mike Amor and a special pre-record with Ebony Bowden

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The Edit: Multicultural Media and COVID-19

24 September 2020

Watch our Edit panel discussion

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The Edit: Fighting Fakery

12 August 2020

Watch an excerpt from our conversations with Storyful’s Stephanie Hunt

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The Edit with Lisa Millar

25 June 2020

Watch our webinar with the ABC News Breakfast host

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2019 events

The Edit: Shooting the Pollies

07 October 2019

Talking shop with Canberra Press photographer Alex Ellinghausen

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The Edit: Reporting Trump's White House

29 July 2019

A special forum with The Australian's Washington correspondent Cameron Stewart

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The Edit: On Documentary and Journalism

20 May 2019

Documentary makers Simon Kurian and Hollie Fifer discussed their craft and the intersection between journalism and documentary

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The Edit: Making Sense of Data

29 April 2019

A discussion with two data journalists on finding interesting ways of telling stories with numbers

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The Edit: Encryption, Data and the Law

25 February 2019

At the Edit's first event for 2019, we spoke data, privacy and encryption with tech and legal experts

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2018 events

The Edit: The Art of Freelancing

27 August 2018

At this Edit event in August 2018, our guest panel dove into the nitty-gritty of freelancing

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The Edit: with Anthony Dowsley

25 July 2018

Anthony Dowsley has been on the beat for NewsCorp for more than two decades

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The Edit: Podcasting with Rachael Brown

16 April 2018

Rachael Brown and producer Sophie Townsend to discuss her landmark podcast series Trace

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2017 events

The Edit: with Caro Meldrum-Hanna

27 November 2017

At this special year-end edition of The Edit Caro joined us for an exclusive off-the-record briefing on how she cracked some of the biggest scandals of recent years – and gave tips for handling stories

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The Edit: with Andrew Quilty

29 August 2017

At a very special Edit event we spoke to Afghanistan-based photojournalist Andrew Quilty

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The Edit: FOI Masterclass with Fiona Hudson

01 May 2017

At our first Edit event for 2017, Herald Sun's FOI Editor Fiona Hudson answered all manner of questions about FOI journalism

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2016 events

The Edit's Crime Night: with Sly & Rule

14 November 2016

Throughout their illustrious careers, John Silvester and Andrew Rule have turned the torch on some of Melbourne's seediest scenarios

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The Edit: with Adele Ferguson

23 May 2016

Edit guests got a rare insight into her Walkley and Quill award winning investigations when Adele joined us in May to talk frankly about leaks, sources, relationships and how she got into the investigative business.

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The Edit: with Leigh Sales

18 January 2016

The Edit kicked off for 2016 in January, when industry veteran and legend Leigh Sales

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2015 events

The Edit: Christmas Party with Hamish Macdonald

14 December 2015

The Edit celebrated the end of the year and Christmas with foreign correspondent Hamish Macdonald, a veteran of Al Jazeera and Channel Ten

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The Edit: with Michael Bachelard & Louise Milligan

09 November 2015

In November 2015, Age Investigations Editor Michael Bachelard & ABC 7.30 Investigative Reporter Louise Milligan joined The Edit to talk sources and stories.

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The Edit launches with Nick McKenzie, Ruth Lamperd & Sam Clark

24 August 2015

The Edit launched in August 2015 with a fascinating informal discussion by three leading Melbourne-based investigative journalists.

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