Derryn Hinch takes on Canberra

The Melbourne Press Club was pleased to host this special media lunch with Senator-elect Hinch in partnership with the Public Relations Institute of Australia.

As the Turnbull Government scraped together a working government in the 2016 federal election, it prepared itself to face a challenging legislative program in the Senate, with minor parties and independents holding the balance of power.

Among the new senators from Victoria is the oldest person ever elected to the chamber – 72-year-old Derryn Hinch. The self-styled “Human Headline” has recast himself as “Senator Headline”.

After a lifetime as a tough broadcaster and tenacious social activist, Hinch is going to Canberra with a firm agenda. His Justice Party wants tougher criminal sentencing, bail and parole reform, more resources to combat domestic violence, a public register of convicted sex offenders and voluntary euthanasia.

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