2016 events

Events from 2016.

2016 events

Gender in Media: Lunch with Madeline Di Nonno

02 December 2016

Leading the campaign for gender balance in the entertainment industry.

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Media Hall of Fame cartooning exhibition opens

07 December 2016

'The Premier and the Pen' launched with a powerful political message from John Cain.  

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The Edit's Crime Night: with Sly & Rule

14 November 2016

Throughout their illustrious careers, John Silvester and Andrew Rule have turned the torch on some of Melbourne's seediest scenarios

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'The Newsman': Lunch with Mal Walden

27 October 2016

Celebrating the launch of The Newsman: 60 Years of Television

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14th Bob Rose Lecture with Brian Nankervis

08 September 2016

The 14th Annual Robert Rose Lecture was presented by writer, film and TV producer, and comedian Brian Nankervis. 

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The Edit discusses journalism and trauma

05 September 2016

An important discussion of the toll exposure to trauma can take on reporters and sources

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Fighting for our Copyright

17 August 2016

Lunch with Copyright Agency chairman Kim Williams

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Behind the Panama Papers

09 August 2016

Gerard Ryle and Nick McKenzie on one of the biggest scoops of the decade

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Paul Farrell at The Edit

25 July 2016

Paul Farrell of the Guardian spoke to young journalists at our most recent Edit event.

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Derryn Hinch takes on Canberra

05 August 2016

The new Victorian Senator discusses details of his parliamentary agenda

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Lunch with Monash VC Professor Margaret Gardner

08 June 2016

Monash University Vice-Chancellor Professor Margaret Gardner AO joined us for a lunch address in June 2016.

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Peter Doherty & Sharon Lewin on fighting global diseases

01 June 2016

Nobel Laureate Professor Doherty and Doherty Institute director Professor Lewin on the continuing threat of infectious diseases and the importance of science communication.

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The Edit: with Adele Ferguson

23 May 2016

Edit guests got a rare insight into her Walkley and Quill award winning investigations when Adele joined us in May to talk frankly about leaks, sources, relationships and how she got into the investigative business.

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Anna Nemtsova & journalism in the post-Soviet states

09 May 2016

Russian journalist Anna Nemtsova on the challenges of working in Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

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Blowing the Whistle on Corporate Corruption

14 April 2016

A panel on the scandals exposed by the work of tenacious journalists and courageous whistleblowers.

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Rewriting the Media Rules, lunch with Mitch Fifield

30 March 2016

Senator Fifield on reforms that would free the media from ‘the cast-iron shackles’ of outdated laws.

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Cocktails with Cleese

17 March 2016

Comedy legend John Cleese joined 774 ABC presenter Jon Faine at an evening event to talk about the state of the media, those tabloids, Cleese's autobiography and his belief that the world is falling apart.

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Digital Invaders in our media patch

28 January 2016

Recent technological evolutions have allowed for a rush of ambitious new players, challenging the strongholds of established media.

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The Edit: with Leigh Sales

18 January 2016

The Edit kicked off for 2016 in January, when industry veteran and legend Leigh Sales

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