Graham Perkin Australian Journalist of the Year honour roll

48th Graham Perkin Award Winners Neil Chenoweth and Edmund Tadros

Neil Chenoweth and Edmund Tadros have won the 48th Graham Perkin Award for coverage of the PwC Tax Leaks Scandal.

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2022 Graham Perkin Award Winner Hedley Thomas

Hedley Thomas won the 47th Graham Perkin Award for coverage of the criminal justice system

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2021 Graham Perkin Award Winner Samantha Maiden

Samantha Maiden won the 46th Graham Perkin Award for coverage of abuse in Parliament House

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2020 Graham Perkin Winner Nick McKenzie

Nick McKenzie won the 45th Graham Perkin Award for a portfolio of investigative work

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2019 Graham Perkin Winner Anne Connolly

Anne Connolly won the prestigious Graham Perkin Award for her continued reporting on the aged care sector

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2018 Graham Perkin winner Anthony Dowsley

Anthony Dowsley won the prestigious national prize for his reporting on Lawyer X and the Jason Roberts conviction

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