Quills - Categories

The Quill Award categories have been updated in 2018 to reflect the changing emphases and dynamism of the industry. View the categories below:

  • Artwork
  • Breaking News Coverage
  • Business Feature
  • Business News
  • Cartoon
  • Coverage of an Issue or Event
  • Features Photograph
  • Feature Writing
  • Grant Hattam Quill for Investigative Journalism
  • Innovation in Journalism
  • Keith Dunstan Quill for Commentary
  • News Photograph
  • News Report in Writing
  • Podcasting
  • RACV Transport Quill
  • Radio Journalism (under three minutes)
  • Radio Journalism (over three minutes)
  • Regional and Rural Journalism
  • Sports Feature
  • Sports News
  • Sports Photograph
  • Suburban Journalism
  • TAC Towards Zero Quill for Road Safety Reporting
  • The VicHealth Quill for Coverage of Women in Sport
  • TV Camera Work (Creative)
  • TV Camera Work (Shot of the Year)
  • TV/Video Feature (long form)
  • TV/Video Feature (short form)
  • TV/Video News
  • Victorian Government Quill for Reporting on Disability Issues
  • Young Journalist of the Year

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